Washington State

July 15, 2004

Washington: July 2004

Mt. Rainier (14,411 ft), July 2-3
Mountain as seen while hiking up to Camp Muir. On the rim of the summit crater. It was windy, and visibility was poor. At about 13,000 and descending, with a view of Little Tahoma.

Mt. Stuart (9415 ft), July 9-10

Hiked in from the Teanaway trailhead and set up camp near Lake Ingalls (6500 ft). Got this partial view of Mt. Stuart from the south side on the way in. The summit, and to the left of it the West Horn are just visible. Left camp at about 4am and hiked over Goat Pass to the north side of the mountain and Stuart Glacier, pictured. We traversed across the glacier to get to the North Ridge, just visible on right. The ridge is 18 pitches of low to mid fifth class climbing. The start of the 8th pitch. Behind it the Great Gendarme, which we avoided by rappelling to the right. We summited at 1pm, and were back at the car at 8pm.


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