Red Rocks, NV

April 3, 2005

On February 6th my brother and I drove out to Las Vegas. The following morning we climbed “Frogland” III 5.8.
“Frogland” is on a small mountain called Whiskey Peak. Behind it is the Black Velvet Wall. My brother leads on the 4th pitch. The view from the chockstone. My brother poses over Las Vegas, not really visible in the haze.

Our time on “Frogland” was pretty good. Less than 5 hours. For spring break we decided to try something longer. After a distraction renting and playing around with telemark gear at Mammoth, we returned to Las Vegas and made a go at “Epinephrine” IV 5.9. It was the 30th of March.

This is a long route, with about 1300 feet of serious climbing, following by 700 ft of third class climbing and then a 3 hour descent. We started early. We left the car around 4:30am, and reached the base of the climb at about 5:45am. Our car-to-car time was 12 hours.

After some easy face climbing, the route enters a 400 foot chimney. I led through this section. I had some protection problems: the rope jammed between a lobe of a cam and the rock. I was forced to downclimb through the crux smooth section to fix it and then reclimb that section again.

My brother follows the 2nd pitch above the tower. There was a climbing party after us, and you can see one of them standing on the tower. There were climbers on “Prince of Darkness” III 5.10 My brother follows on one of the higher pitches. Some summit shots.


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