John Muir Trail Gear

July 23, 2005

See also food list and trip account.


A list of the items I carried on the JMT, excluding food and water. The number at the front of each item and category is the approximate weight in pounds and ounces.

12.13 pack & bedroll:

5.12 Pack, Gregory Shasta
2.6 Bear Canister, BearVault 7 day
1.0 Bivy Sack, REI Elements
2.3 Sleeping Bag, REI Mojave 15F
1.8 Sleeping Pad, Therm-a-Rest Trail S

6.6 clothes:

0.10 Windbreaker
0.8 Shell Pants
0.11 Thermal Top
0.14 Fleece Pants
0.10 Shirt, Bug Repellent, Ex-Officio
0.6 Shorts, Nylon, Arcteryx
0.2 Sun Hat, Royal Robbins
0.2 Head Sock
0.2 (2) Socks, Polyester
0.2 Socks, Wool
0.1 Gloves, Liner
0.3 Stuff Sack, Black
1.14 Trail Runners

3.15 cooking kit:

0.4 Fuel Cannister, MSR 22oz
1.6 White Gas
0.10 Stove, Whisperlite, w/ Shield, Repair Kit, & Bag
0.2 (2) Lighters, Bic
0.8 Pot, Steel 1.5 liter
0.5 Pot Lid
0.1 Pot Holder
0.1 Pot Bag
0.1 Knife, Folding
0.0 Whisk
0.0 Cutting Board, Flexible
0.1 Spoon
0.4 Cup w/ Spill Lid
0.1 Cheese Grater
0.0 Pack Towel
0.0 Pot Scrubber w/ Sponge
0.2 Dish Soap

1.15 misc large items

0.13 Ice Axe
0.14 Crampons, Instep
0.4 (2) Water Bottles, Reused Gatorade 32oz

1.7 misc small items

0.2 Sunblock
0.0 Lip Balm
0.1 Iodine Tablets
0.0 Iodine Neutralizer
0.1 Sponge, Antimicrobial
0.0 Moleskin
0.0 Bandaids, 10
0.3 Deet
0.4 Headlamp w/ Batteries
0.2 Compass w/ Mirror
0.2 Duct Tape
0.0 Toothbrush w/ Sawn Handle
0.0 Dental Floss
0.0 Gauze
0.3 Hand Sanitizer, Purell
0.1 Topical Antibiotic
0.1 Sunblock, Zinc
0.1 Ziploc Bags
0.0 Driver’s License
0.0 Credit Card
0.0 ATM Card
0.1 Sunglasses, Prescription
0.0 Immodium Tablets
0.0 Pepto-Bismo Tablets
0.1 Aspirin & Ibuprofen Tablets
0.1 Maps
0.0 Wilderness Permit

26.8 Total


If I were to do this hike again, I would not bring the ice axe and crampons, and instead of fleece pants I would bring thermal long johns weighing perhaps 6 oz. I would also use the small ProLite 3 Therm-a-rest, which is only 13 oz. Finally, I would not use a stuff sack for my clothes, but just keep them loose in my pack. These changes would reduce my total pack weight to 23 lb 7 oz, excluding food and water. Additionally I would not bring the whisk or the zinc sunblock.

At the start of the trip I had three full water bottles, or 6 lb of water. I discarded the third water bottle in Mammoth, and towards the end of the hike I would usually not carry more than one full bottle of water at a time, since there were plenty of water sources.

Leaving Vermilion Valley Resort, I was carrying perhaps 12 lb of food. This was insufficient, given that I lost nearly 10 lbs on the hike. On the other hand one can carry much less food at the start of the trip, because there are stores and grills at both Tuolomne and Red Meadows.


3 Responses to “John Muir Trail Gear”

  1. some sleeping bags are waterproof and weatherproof too, they are nice for camping outside the house :-;

  2. cricket Says:

    thank you so much for posting ur trip. I’m taking my bf in september. Dont want to take anything i dont need.

  3. rider Says:

    How did the trail runners hold up? Im going for the full distance in july with a pair of brooks cascadia’s. With food and water i will be under 30 lbs. So me and the pack will start around 195lbs.

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